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Wait, The Eyre Peninsula Has Wine ??

Okay, so we’re not famous for wine like some of our other South Australian cousins – we’re looking at you Barossa and the McLaren Vale – but that’s not to say we don’t have some nice places of our own to check out.

Eyre Peninsula Tourism

Eyre Peninsula Tourism

In fact, our first Eyre Peninsula vintage with our sea climate was crushed this year in Port Lincoln!

Yep, for the first time grapes picked in our region were crushed in our region, in the new crush facility at Peter Teakle Wines.

Grapes from Boston Bay Wines as well as the 12 hectare vineyard at Teakle’s were crushed, and are expected to be on the market later this year.

As the first time this has happened, and in a burgeoning market for the Eyre Peninsula, that’s pretty exciting!

Apparently, the less time spent in transport the better the quality – you don’t need a lot of knowledge about wine for that to be a no-brainer!

While this is an important development for the local industry, you’re probably more interested in where you can sample some of these wines.

The two obvious mentions are the ones we’ve already mentioned - The Line & Label Restaurant at Peter Teakle Wines, and the cellar door at Boston Bay Wines.

Line and Label not only provides excellent food and wine but stunning views of Port Lincoln and the bay as well from its hilltop perch.

And Boston Bay?

Well that’s a front seat view overlooking the water, and several experience options ranging from wine tasting to pairings with our local seafood.

Both these venues are well served by their strong ties to local produce (which we’re pretty proud of!), and we can’t recommend them enough.

The other mention is Coomunga Wines, a small boutique winery close to the wetlands near Port Lincoln.

Yes, all of our wine is concentrated around Port Lincoln!

They focus on dryland viticulture, producing chemical-free, hand-pruned and hand-picked wines

Our local wines have a unique flavour to our vintages, with the cool sea breeze helping the grapes retain their acidity.

But you’re better off tasting the product for yourself – stop by when you’re next in town and keep an eye out for our local brands!

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Eyre Peninsula Tourism

Eyre Peninsula Tourism


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