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DeluxeLife are a team of experienced, independent travel advisors, based in Melbourne, Australia. We have over 30 years of experience helping clients look after their holidays and business travel. We are independently certified for quality assurance, service and financial protection.

Founders Mike Da Silva and Simon Mustoe's vision, was to create a place where we anyone could immerse themselves in an opportunity to discover their own aspirations and not only dip into those dreams, but take a taste and learn new and affordable ways to experience them for real. This is why there is always a way to engage online and find out more.

Every article on DeluxeLife you will find accompanied by the chance to explore, enquire or even possibly to win an opportunity for yourself and friends.  

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Behind every call to action on the website is someone who has devoted their lives to delivering outstanding quality and service. Our travel associates are the best in the business, hand-picked to provide you with direct answers, support and financial assurances you may not otherwise get from booking online. Often we can source small-group or private touring options for less than you will traditionally find online, and / or, offer inspirational value-added options tailored to your interests. 

✈ Our Senior Travel Specialists

Caroline Densley

2019 recipient of the prestigious Captain Trevor Haworth Outstanding Contribution by an Individual to the Tourism Export Industry Award, Caroline is one of Australia's foremost experts in food and wine and cultural travel.  She grew up intrigued by the different cultures and experiences she enjoyed around the world. From backpacking with school mates to travelling as a nanny with the rich and famous. On return to Australia she worked closely with tour operators and guides in creating wonderful journeys, connecting clients to Aboriginal communities and culture being the highlight.

“Caroline has provided a long-term contribution to the development of authentic Australian tourism experiences, especially in the area of indigenous tourism. Her commitment to developing experiences in regional Australia is a legacy she can be proud of.”

ATEC managing director Peter Shelley

Andrew Gillard

Over 40 years in the travel industry Andrew is the founder and owner of Darebin Travel Pty Ltd and has travelled extensively throughout the world. Andrew acts as Managing Director, Supervisor and Travel Consultant.


When you book with us, you are getting access to our travel partners, who are independently certified for quality assurance and service. You're also getting to work with some of the top experience-providers we know, based on 30 years of experience. 

✎ DeluxeLife Magazine

Richard Bunting (editor)

Richard Bunting has been in media for 24 years with vast experience from the Sydney Morning Herald to the Managing Editor of Luxury Travel Magazine. Richard understands the importance of content and the crucial role it plays in the dream stage of travel research. Content leads to conversion meaning that every story that is published should lead to an outcome. Richard believes the DeluxeLife content model delivers an outcome.


Simon Mustoe (founder)

Simon has been studying and observing wildlife for nearly 50 years and for about 30 of that, writing stories, taking photographs and making short films. Ten years ago he began running expeditions including sitting on a remote coral reef 300 miles east of Australia and broadcasting live to COP15 about the impact of climate change. His  observations and experience extend to travelling extensively through Australia and eastern Indonesia discovering new and exciting travel opportunities, as well as contributing to science and conservation. 

Mike Da Silva (founder)

Mike is CEO of Sydney-based MDSA Marketing Communications, specialising in Movie & Tourism Marketing. Current Tourism Clients include: Qantas (36 years), Accor (14 years), Scenic on Getaway, Viking Cruises, Carnival Cruises and Brand USA. Mike’s 51 LeadGen ‘Co-Marketing’ Promotions featuring aspirational travel Prizes, have generated 2.5+ million opted-in leads. Mike’s recognitions: International Promotion Marketer of the Year (Chicago), Inductee into the Global Marketing Industry Hall of Fame (Rio de Janeiro), Inaugural Life Achievement Award from the Australian Promotion Marketing Industry, a Brand Leadership Award for his work throughout Asia and a Global Super Achiever Award for his work in India (Indira Ghandi University, Pune). Finally, Mike’s been acknowledged as a ‘history maker’ of the UK Promotion Marketing Industry.