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Join esteemed guests Dr Richard Smith, Aaron Wong and Janet Lanyon for a night about the ocean

Esteemed Show guests Dr Richard Smith (UK), Aaron Wong (Singapore), and Janet Lanyon (Australia) will be joining the Show’s hosts in the studio, Darren Jew and Jasmine Carey.  There’ll be insights and chat about the ‘Spotlight Features’ – short films featuring our guest stars on a topic they love, as well as the big topics we all ask ourselves, such as:  What is a poo plug?  Who am I?  And, of course… does size really matter?

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Sunday 23 May at 7:00 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.  

(London 10am, Singapore 5pm, Perth 5pm, Auckland 9pm).


Sneak peak - the Dugong Detective

Marine field biologist, marine mammal specialist and world authority on dugongs, Janet Lanyon is Senior Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences at The University of Queensland where she leads the Marine Vertebrate Ecology Research Group. Janet’s Underwater Tour Spotlight Feature takes us on a fascinating underwater tour of our oceans where she reveals extraordinary facts about the very private lives of these whacky marine mammals, their favourite hang outs and daily life.  A listed vulnerable species, the slowest breeders of all marine mammals, dugongs are difficult to observe due to their love of murky water and secretive tendencies. 


You could win a door prize and there are enviable adventures and products to be won by Silver and Gold ticket holders in the Show’s Underwater Tour Quiz.  Did we mention a $20k Quiz prize pool, thanks to the generosity of our Partners?

Can’t join us on the night?  Your ticketed link will still give you access to the recorded show which will be available to watch from Monday 24 May 2021. 


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