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Meet artist and designer Kate Padget-Koh

Wakatobi is more than just a place to visit for Hong Kong-based designer and artist Kate Padget-Koh; it serves as an inspiration.

She remembers, "I fell in love with Wakatobi from the first visit. We enter a lovely, magical other world there as guests", she says, " it never ceases to amaze and inspire me."

In 2000, Kate participated in an excursion off the coast of Indonesia's Moyo Island which served as her introduction to this enchanted underwater world. Since then, she and her husband John have frequently returned looking for uninhabited areas that promise pristine reefs.

The more positive things Kate and John kept hearing about Wakatobi while they were traveling, the more they decided that it was something they had to experience for themselves.

They went to the resort for the first time in 2016, and Kate says the trip was "beyond expectations. In a word, she says, "It was breathtaking."

"Wakatobi offers a great example of conservation in action. In every meal, every dive, and every grain of raked sand, every member of the Wakatobi Team shows their dedication and love” she says.

In Kate's opinion, visiting Wakatobi is more of a "life-changing" experience than a typical vacation. She uses her trips to unwind from her busy schedule and claims that every journey offers chances to figure out how to incorporate the "beauty, love, and magic of Wakatobi" into her regular life.

Her initial visit gave Kate's creative endeavours a new direction. She finished her first Wakatobi-inspired creation,. This artwork was used to decorate the first batch of fine silk sarongs that the resort is still selling and giving away at the boutique.

Kate’s limited edition fine silk Wakatobi sarong that's in the Wakatobi boutique.

She refers to her artistic style as "hyper-natural," fusing the real world with a sense of magic and breathtaking beauty. She says that the beauty of the resort and the marine life at Wakatobi served as inspiration for her most recent works. "Selassia and Sedna, the Sea Goddesses, are my inspirations. They are mermaids, and I have no doubt that there are mermaids swimming in the waters off Wakatobi. ”

Soon after the resort's post-pandemic closure, Kate and John went back to Wakatobi and once more found inspiration in the sea. In her essay, she claims that "the resort and reefs are even more beautiful and abundant than before the pandemic." "This place has such extraordinary energy, which is probably why so many lovely species call it home. ”

Wakatobi "has the grandeur of a large resort combined with intimate attention to detail", she says. It's extremely uncommon to find such excellent snorkelling and diving paired with outstanding service and amenities, she claims. "It excels as a luxury resort — the setting, the friendliness of the staff, and the caliber of service are as good as it gets. And after spending years in far-off places, it is a pleasure to sit down to outstanding meals with good salads, soft cheeses, and other things. Additionally, I am unable to find a comparable resort in the world to Wakatobi, which is truly in a league of its own."

Kate is a British artist living in Hong Kong. Visit here website here. 

Kate's exotic paintings are inspired by her personal interests as well as her work in fashion and sustainable design. She uses ink, collage, gold leaf, stickers, and other two-dimensional mediums to create large-scale works, and she is a master at fusing digital design with hand-finished canvas prints. Her love of the various historical and contemporary Asian cultures, along with her eclectic worldview, serve as the foundation for her work. Saints, Madonnas, Buddhas, Goddesses, Peranakan Culture, Glorious Underwater Scenes, and Vibrant Nature are depicted in large-scale pieces.

Supplied: adapted from a post on July 19, 2023, in NEWS, Resort.

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