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Discover Wakatobi's Paradise

A luxury resort near Bali, Wakatobi Ecoresort is on an island in the Flores Sea. In the past it took several days to reach, making it one of the remotest destinations on Earth. That is why, today, you can still enjoy the tranquility and secluded location: no traffic noise, no pollution, no-one else for at least 100 miles. Although the island is far off the beaten track, the private charter flight will transport you from Bali to a purpose-built airstrip, followed by a short boat ride to the resort. 

Wakatobi was founded on the principle that discerning people would gladly visit and support a resort which offered more than the basics. Representative Linda Cash, who has worked in the travel industry all her life says 'Wakatobi delivers a level of customer service and hospitality unparalleled by anything I've ever experienced before'.  

In addition to its service, you reef conservation program which, in guaranteeing the pristine quality of the reefs for those guests, delivers sustainable income and development support to the local communities.

Weather, water temperature and best time to visit

A visit to Wakatobi is perfect any time of year.

The island is sheltered from trade winds and stays warm year-round – between about 26 - 30 degrees Celsius. (78.8 - 86 Fahrenheit). If you prefer to sleep without air-conditioning the book an Ocean Bungalow and try between July and August, when there are often slight breezes and the weather is a little cooler. Water temperatures are generally between about 26-30 degrees Celsius (78-86 degrees Fahrenheit), peaking in late October. Wakatobi is in one of the more arid regions in Indonesia with sunshine on most days and humidity is only about 75–85%.

Because there are no rivers to bring sediment onto the reef visibility is not affected by rain. Snorkellers and divers will be keen to know that underwater visibility remains mostly between 20–50 m (35 –100 feet). The lack of pollution and water temperature range is ideal for coral growth and there is no coral bleaching in Wakatobi. 

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