Where can you travel half price and beat the crowds?

Knowing where to go and protecting your holiday are still top of the consumer protection agenda

Find the best price possible

Australian Government Half Price Fares

The Australian government just announced a massive package to support you, the consumer, flying to over a dozen parts of Australia. 

Our specialists, who have spent the last few weeks coordinating travel to regional Australia, have given us their best estimate about availability in these places. This will help guide you on how soon to book and other destinations that you could reach from there. We're available to assist, just contact us via the form (right) or call.  

Tickets will need to be booked by 31 July 2021 for travel by 30 September 2021

The destinations and quantity available, will be determined by the airlines. 

Will borders remain open?

What happens to your money if your trip is cancelled? We've got recommendations from many of our suppliers, for 24 hour refund guarantees. The longer we go and the more people are vaccinated (especially front line workers), the lower the risk of border problems. Meanwhile, we can ensure your money held safely until the day you travel.  Here's how it works: https://deluxelife.com.au/dest...

Will there be availability?

This is a bigger question and availability gets worse, the closer we get to departure. The good news is, availability doesn't affect everywhere equally. It's the most popular places that fill up and we often recommend alternatives. Also note, that for most of the key arrival locations, there is very limited hire car availability. Hire car companies sold off much of their fleet during COVID. School holidays already very highly booked in most key locations and the majority of the Kimberley has been fully booked for some time.   

Our assessment of likely availability within 3 months of travel

NOTE: Tickets will need to be booked by 31 July 2021 for travel by 30 September 2021

SEE OUR "DISCOVER" list at the bottom of this page for other areas accessible from these flights, some of which may have better availability and beat the crowds. 


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