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Tasmania's north is the gateway to some of Tasmania's most beautiful natural places

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At a Glance

Full of colour and flavour, Tasmania's north-west is the gateway to some of Tasmania's most beautiful natural places. Exploring the north-west you'll find classic coastal drives, food trails, stunning national parks and beautiful nature reserves. Some of Tasmania's prettiest cities and towns sit right on the water's edge between the scenic north and west coast. The north-west is also home to the Tarkine, one of the world's last great wilderness experiences, Australia’s greatest expanse of cool temperate rainforest and the largest in the world. 

When to visit

If you do want a trip that takes in much of what it has to offer, 8-9 days is a reasonable time to spend in the northwest ... and you'll still be wanting more when you leave. Otherwise, weekend or long-weekend breaks, 4 days, a week or longer ... there's always a rich diversity of things to do.  This is a destination you can visit any time of year. It's ideal for Christmas in July or as a summer season escape from the continent's hotter weather further north.  Even during winter, the north coast can be surprisingly mild with its Mediterranean climate. 



Tasmania is a subantarctic island. Depending on altitude, summer is warm (average about 16-25°C) and cold in the winter (average about 5-16°C).  Rainfall is can heavy and prolonged in the spring and snow fall is common in winter.  The north west coast is warmer, on average, than the south but the mountains are prone to sudden changes in climate conditions.   


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