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COVID-guaranteed 100% 24h refunds, no cancellation fee

In the majority of cases, for Far North Queensland (Daintree, Cairns, Atherton Tablelands, Port Douglas), Eyre Peninsula (SA) and Tasmania, we are able to provide options where COVID-forced refunds are offered up to 24h before travel, without a cancellation fee. Every supplier has their own policy, so we cannot guarantee this for everything but we can help you find the safest option. 

Note, airlines have their own policies and are generally providing transfer, not refund. This is unfortunate but since domestic flights are likely to be reused by you in future, this would seem to be an acceptable risk for most of us.  

$0 deposits

Our specialists will ensure you know exactly how your money is being used, before any money changes hands.

Availability within Australia 

Many of the well-known destinations have very little availability. Even if you can get flights, hire cars can be scarce and even accommodation. If you are looking for alternative destinations, then contact us and we may be able to help.  This is our current estimate of availability. 

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