South Pacific pristine beaches, cultural wonders, and natural beauty

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Travel to Samoa

Escape to the unspoiled paradise of Samoa, where turquoise waters meet golden shores, creating a haven for nature enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local markets of Apia, unveiling the authentic Polynesian charm. Explore the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, a historical gem nestled in lush surroundings. Dive into the enchanting To Sua Ocean Trench and cool off in the refreshing Papase'ea Sliding Rocks, offering a unique blend of adventure and tranquility. O Le Pupu-Pue National Park beckons with its verdant landscapes, inviting hiking enthusiasts to uncover hidden trails and captivating vistas.

Discover the mystique of the Saleaula Lava Fields, where ancient volcanic activity has left an otherworldly mark on the landscape. Whether basking in the sun at Lalomanu Beach or delving into the cultural richness of Piula Cave Pool, Samoa promises an unforgettable journey. With its warm hospitality and untouched beauty, Samoa invites you to experience a truly authentic South Pacific escape.

Plan your adventure now and embark on a voyage to this Pacific gem.

To Sua ocean trench - famous swimming hole, Upolu, Samoa, South Pacific
To Sua ocean trench - famous swimming hole, Upolu, Samoa, South Pacific

Getting to Samoa

Getting to Samoa involves international flights, primarily landing at Faleolo International Airport (APW) in Apia, the capital city. Several major airlines operate flights to Samoa from key hubs, including Auckland, Sydney, and Los Angeles. Connecting flights are available, making it accessible from various parts of the world.

Samoa is serviced by carriers like Samoa Airways and international airlines with codeshare agreements. Once in Apia, domestic flights, taxis, or rental cars can be utilized for further exploration. It's essential to check visa requirements, flight availability, and travel restrictions based on your departure location and the current global situation.

Overall, coordinating with airlines, travel agencies, and staying updated on travel advisories ensures a smooth journey to this Pacific paradise.

Sunrise in Ofu
Sunrise in Ofu

Alternative and off the beaten track stays and experiences in Samoa

In Samoa, beyond the well-trodden tourist paths, you can find unique and offbeat accommodations that offer a more authentic experience. Opt for traditional beach fale stays, where you sleep in open-air huts with thatched roofs, allowing you to fall asleep to the soothing sounds of the ocean. These are often run by local families, providing an immersive cultural experience. For a nature-centric stay, consider eco-friendly lodges tucked away in the lush landscapes of Samoa. These accommodations prioritize sustainability and offer a serene retreat surrounded by tropical flora and fauna.

For a truly alternative experience, venture to the less-explored Savai'i island, Samoa's largest but less frequented island. Here, you can find rustic beachfront fales, providing a secluded escape. Embrace the local lifestyle by participating in village homestays, allowing you to engage with Samoan communities, share meals, and partake in traditional customs. Seek out community-based tourism initiatives, like guided hikes through the untouched rainforests or cultural workshops where locals share their traditional crafts and skills.

Beyond accommodations, explore Samoa's offbeat activities, such as off-road island tours, discovering hidden waterfalls, or joining a local fishing expedition. Engage with traditional storytelling sessions, where village elders share myths and legends under the starlit sky. By veering off the conventional tourist trail, you can uncover the true essence of Samoa and forge meaningful connections with its people and landscapes.

Pristine waterfalls in the middle of tropical jungle of Upolu Island, Sopoaga Falls in Samoa, Polynesia central Pacific Ocean
Pristine waterfalls in the middle of tropical jungle of Upolu Island, Sopoaga Falls in Samoa, Polynesia central Pacific Ocean

Top 10 things to do in Samoa

  1. To Sua Ocean Trench: Dive into the mesmerizing To Sua Ocean Trench, a natural swimming hole surrounded by lush gardens and connected to the ocean by an underwater cave.
  2. Lalomanu Beach: Relax on the pristine shores of Lalomanu Beach, known for its crystal-clear waters, powdery white sand, and vibrant coral reefs, offering a perfect tropical escape.
  3. Piula Cave Pool: Immerse yourself in Samoan culture at Piula Cave Pool, a freshwater spring within a lava tube, providing a serene and culturally rich swimming experience.
  4. Robert Louis Stevenson Museum: Explore the historic home of famed author Robert Louis Stevenson, nestled atop Mount Vaea, and learn about the writer's life and legacy in Samoa.
  5. Papase'ea Sliding Rocks: Experience an adrenaline rush at the Papase'ea Sliding Rocks, natural water slides formed by smooth rocks and cascading water in the lush rainforest.
  6. O Le Pupu-Pue National Park: Embark on a hiking adventure in O Le Pupu-Pue National Park, discovering scenic trails, hidden waterfalls, and diverse flora and fauna.
  7. Saleaula Lava Fields: Witness the eerie beauty of the Saleaula Lava Fields, remnants of volcanic activity with petrified trees and ancient structures buried beneath the lava.
  8. Samoa Cultural Village: Immerse yourself in Samoan traditions and customs at the Samoa Cultural Village, where locals showcase traditional dances, crafts, and daily life.
  9. Afu Aau Waterfall: Trek through lush landscapes to discover the Afu Aau Waterfall, a serene cascade surrounded by tropical vegetation, offering a refreshing swim.
  10. Afu Aau Suspension Bridge: Cross the thrilling Afu Aau Suspension Bridge, providing panoramic views of the coastline and rainforest, making it a unique and exhilarating experience in Samoa.
Apia Town Immaculate Conception Cathedral
Apia Town Immaculate Conception Cathedral

The climate of Samoa

Samoa enjoys a tropical climate characterized by warm temperatures and high humidity throughout the year. There are two distinct seasons: the wet season and the dry season. The wet season typically occurs from November to April, coinciding with the Southern Hemisphere's summer. During this period, Samoa experiences heavy rainfall, occasional tropical storms, and high humidity. The dry season, from May to October, brings more stable weather with lower humidity levels. Temperatures remain consistently warm, ranging from 75°F to 90°F (24°C to 32°C) year-round.

Trade winds provide a cooling breeze, particularly on the coast, making it more comfortable for travelers. The coastal areas are generally warmer than the interior, where higher elevations may offer slightly cooler temperatures. While Samoa can be visited year-round, the dry season is often considered the best time to explore the islands, as it offers more predictable weather for outdoor activities, beach outings, and cultural experiences. It's advisable to stay informed about weather conditions, especially during the wet season when tropical storms can occasionally impact the region.