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Expert-led Wildlife Trips

Get to know Australia's unique wildlife with our expert guides

About the Style

Book a trip with one of our expert field guides and get to ...

... discover the secret spots no-one else knows about;

take extraordinary photos of rare wildlife; 

use high-powered optical equipment to get a closer look.  

These trips are perfect for budding nature enthusiasts, amateur photographers or families who want to get away from the crowds, see some unusual and iconic Australian animals and learn a new way to see Australia's back yard.

Nature guiding is an art, which combines many arts and several sciences.

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Guides provide orientation, information and inspiration in the right amounts and at the right times so that we have more enjoyable, meaningful and complete experiences. The right guide will instill in you the ability and the desire to sense the beauty in your surroundings and in wildlife.

These trips are with some of the world’s best nature guides–dedicated specialists, passionate about helping people to become happily acquainted with the life and wonders of wild nature. 

*During COVID, we are happy to accompany guests who drive themselves and tag along in our own vehicle. 

Our tours include

  • Chance to find unique or rare creatures
  • Access to out-of-the-way locations
  • Binoculars and telescope for you to use
  • Wildlife photo opportunities
  • Reference books for you to use
  • Comfortable air-conditioned vehicles
  • All entrance fees paid  
  • Local produce lunch, snacks and water
  • Overnight accommodation options with nocturnal spotlighting
  • Accommodation pick-up and drop-off*

One-on-one support for your holiday