Swim with the Giant Cuttlefish 2D/1N

2 days

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Let us take you on an adventure to snorkel with the amazing giant cuttlefish! Just once per year these curious creatures migrate and congregate in their thousands for breeding. They are visually striking due to their ability to display arrays of luminescent patterns and colours, which you will see change before your eyes!

The Upper Spencer Gulf Marine Park in Whyalla is the only known place in the world where this mass congregation occurs, making it the perfect spot to engage in this incredible experience.

Swimming just metres from the shoreline you’ll witness an amazing natural wonder as the cuttlefish turn on their colourful tricks and antics. Indulge on this truly immersive experience packed with added benefits that include exclusive cuttlefish insights by our marine expert.


  • The tour is led by an experienced and passionate pureSA guide along with a qualified and highly respected marine expert for the Giant Cuttlefish activities.
  • Let the excitement build as the Giant Cuttlefish experience kicks off with an exclusive presentation from our marine expert. Over dinner, hear fascinating insights and stories about these majestic creatures.
  • Quality wetsuits and snorkel gear are provided by a professional dive shop and the swim is preceded by a full safety briefing. There is also just 6 swimmers per guide whilst in the water.
  • Fresh local meals are included and will keep you fuelled for your in water experiences! See specific itinerary for details.
  • The tour is inclusive of all national park fees, licensing and donations that help the maintenance and conservation of these beautiful natural environments.

Note, we can arrange all travel to and from tour locations, quote for group bookings, and tailor any packages as required.



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