When is cherry blossom season in Japan?

Our guide to sakura

Cherry blossom season, also known as "sakura season," is one of the most anticipated and celebrated times of the year in Japan. It refers to the period when cherry blossoms (sakura) bloom across the country, creating breathtaking displays of delicate pink and white flowers. The blossoming of cherry trees marks the beginning of spring in Japan and is a symbol of renewal, beauty, and transience.

The cherry blossom season typically starts in late March in the southern regions of Japan, such as Okinawa, and gradually moves northward as the weeks pass. It reaches central regions, including Tokyo and Kyoto, around early to mid-April. In northern areas like Hokkaido, cherry blossoms bloom around late April to early May.

The exact timing of the cherry blossom season can vary slightly from year to year, influenced by weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. The Japan Meteorological Agency closely monitors the bloom forecast, and people eagerly await the "cherry blossom forecast" to plan their hanami (cherry blossom viewing) parties and outings.

During this season, parks, gardens, and streets are adorned with beautiful cherry blossoms, and people gather for hanami parties to enjoy picnics under the flowering trees. It is a time of joy and appreciation for nature's beauty and is an essential cultural event in Japanese society.


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