12-Day Highlights of Japan

Land Tour

12 days

12-Day Highlights of Japan
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$AUD 395 per day

Departure: Tokyo, Japan

Arrival: Osaka, Japan


Private / Tailor made

Explore all the highlights on a Japan sightseeing tour with a mixture of free time and guided tours in 12 days. Starting with a few days in Tokyo, you'll take time to get to know the city your way, enjoying the slow pace of travel. You'll move on to Hakone to spend your days gazing at Mount Fuji before moving onto Kyoto. Spending time in Kyoto, you'll be transported back in time to the days of clans in Japan. You'll have a day trip to visit the ancient capital Nara.Your final days will be in Osaka, where you'll go to the less-visited Himeji to learn a little more about Samurais. By this point, you'll be operating Japan's transport systems like a local, you'll be free to explore on your own.