10-Day Nature and Unique Culture of Japan

Land Tour

10 days

10-Day Nature and Unique Culture of Japan
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$AUD 612 per day

Departure: Tokyo, Japan

Arrival: Osaka, Japan



Private / Tailor made

This 10-day journey highlights the hotspots, hidden gems, nature and unique culture of Japan! Taking you through parts of modern Tokyo, to the traditional and historical former capital Kyoto, stopping along the way in the food and nightlife capital of Japan, Osaka. From the serenity of grand gardens to conveyor belt sushi restaurants at the top of skyscrapers; from the observation decks sprinkled around the city to the humble little ramen shops tucked away on side streets, it's understandable why Tokyo is the most popular starting point for travellers coming to Japan. Tokyo is where you will uncover the hot-spots and the hidden gems of the city.Next stop, historic Kyoto. From your first day in Kyoto, you may very well feel the elegant ambience of a city entrenched in history. Here you will be immersed in Japan's culture with a local guide, exploring the beautiful scenery that is Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, taking part in a traditional tea-ceremony and wandering amongst free-roaming deer in nearby Nara . Known by many as the food capital of Japan, the city of Osaka, your next stop is bright, vivacious, and friendly, however it also has a historical side. Here, you will explore Osaka Castle, a monument that played an integral role in the unification of Japan, before strolling down Dotonbori, where you can see the popular Glico running man display and try out Osaka's signature foods: Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. This trip is the perfect trip for travellers looking for a combination of Japanese culture, nature and food.Accommodation listed or similar.