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How can we treat you to the best and cheapest travel possible?

We reckon we can almost always find a better offer for you. Our customers already know that we can beat the price of most travel deals you can find online, with something equivalent in price, and even better suited to you!

  • We can usually match the price of anything you find online.
  • Some of the most remarkable treats, you will never find online.
  • Our services are essentially ‘for free’ as we’re paid on commission.

Find any deal online and see if we can do better

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Below are a few Best Offer Price Guides ... but pricing has almost infinite variations, so we'd be lying to you if we gave one price (which is why deal/offer sites always hide numerous conditions).  Why not start by telling us about your dream travel deal?

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DeluxeLife are a team of experienced, independent travel advisors, based in Melbourne, Australia. We have over 30 years of experience helping clients look after their holidays and business travel. We are independently certified for quality assurance, service and financial protection.


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Personal One-to-one Service

Financial Security and Transparency

Financial Security and Transparency

Our Price Guarantee on Accommodation

Price Guarantee on Accommodation

Our free VIP Flight Management Service

Free VIP Flight Management Service

Shared, personalised e-itineraries

Shared, personalised e-itineraries

Our Flexible and Affordable Itineraries

Flexible and Affordable Itineraries