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Lord Howe Island

A subtropical paradise off Australia's east coast

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Meet our local travel specialists and learn about the diversity of things you could do and micro group travel in Lord Howe Island

At a Glance

Just an hour’s flight from Sydney, Lord Howe is a subtropical paradise and one of Australia’s most beautiful islands. Lord Howe is a world heritage site with an endemic clownfish and the southern-most barrier reef in the world. Like a mini-Galapagos, it’s home to a rare flightless rail, millions of seabirds and an extraordinary stick-insect or ’land lobster’ wiped out by rats in the 20th century and thought extinct until the rediscovery of live animals in 2001. Join local guides, naturalists and one of the best accommodation views on the islands, and explore Australia’s paradise. Lord Howe Island is a popular destination that becomes full quickly in the tourist season. Early planning is essential, especially if you want to participate in activities, as group sizes are small. Accommodation ranges from self-contained to luxury and all-inclusive. Flights are a limiting factor and depending on activity, whether excess baggage is needed (e.g. for diving and watersports), the timing of a trip is important, as there are associated freight services. 

When to visit

Best months are December – April when the East Australian Current kicks in and there is warmer water (often 25 deg, 40-50m visibility). There are never more than 400 guests allowed on the island, so school holidays can be in huge demand. Booking early is essential. Winter months there are fewer operators as many take leave in the cooler conditions and the shoulder seasons are worth considering as costs tend to be lower.   



Lord Howe Island has regular rainfall but it is wettest in the winter months. Temperatures in summer are warm and relatively humid. From about February onwards, the East Australian Current usually reaches the island (this can vary) lifting air and sea temperatures and creating very clear water conditions for snorkelling and diving.


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