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Blue Mountains

The most accessible "grand canyon" wilderness in Australia

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At a Glance

The Blue Mountains is a World Heritage-listed wilderness a short hop from Sydney with some of the largest areas of untouched wilderness on Earth. The Wollemi Pine was discovered here, in the Gross Wilderness, a place where no human has trodden before.  Ancient rock formations cast their golden glow over vast canyons carpeted in eucalypts and waterfalls plummet into valleys clad in rainforest, and breathtaking views out to the hazy horizon. It's the eucalypt oils in the air that give the atmosphere its blue glow. There are historic villages and inspiring bushwalks along clifftops to spectacular lookouts; and unique cultural experiences, from ancient Aboriginal sites to modern street art. Live slow, watch wildlife and relax and take a stroll through National Parks, indulge in a slow lunch and taste the region's great  wines.

When to visit

Any time of the year is good to visit. Bushwalking is pleasant during the winter but remote areas can quickly become inundated with snow, so a guide and planning is essential. Spring and autumn are popular as weather is warmer and still quite dry and less crowded. Because of the altitude, the mountains can provide a refreshing escape from the hotter summer days.    



The Blue Mountains are a few hundred metres above sea level and a few degrees cooler than Sydney. Depending on altitude, summer is warm (average about 18-29°C) and cold in the winter (average about 5-16°C).  Rainfall is similar to Sydney and peaks over summer


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