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About the Pindito

Celebrating 30 years of expedition cruising in eastern Indonesia

April 2022 marked Pindito’s 30th birthday making it one of the most sought-after expedition ships visiting eastern Indonesia. Imagine all the advantages of a large white metal expedition ship, but with the peace, intimacy and comfort of a vessel that has 20 crew and only 16 guests. And a lot of space! Whether you're a snorkeler, diver or simply looking for a life-altering trip, Pindito delivers a world-class experience. Most of our guests come back time and time again.  

Thank-you so much for organising one of the best holidays I have ever had! 

Brett L. Melbourne 

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  1. Our guests travel with us because we are the best and look after their safety and experience above all else.
  2. We have 30 years of experience and know when and where to dive / snorkel comfortably.
  3. We regularly cater for diving and non-diving guests perfectly, without compromising either experience. 
  4. We don't have fixed itineraries, so we can choose optimal conditions.
  5. We offer a range of grass-roots experiences including village visits, beach cocktails, birdwatching ... even water skiing. 
  6. You will always be accompanied and your safety is our upmost priority. We have never had any serious injury in 30 years and (with COVID as an exception) all our trips have always been guaranteed to run. 


Special expeditions!

Under the guidance of Simon Mustoe (ecologist and author of Wildlife in the Balance), Pindito runs special expeditions. These are perfect for anyone who is searching for an authentic and luxurious marine expedition. We focus on seeing megafauna like whales and dolphins, whale sharks and manta rays. During the trip we offer some land excursions and other activities, including plenty of time to relax on board, visit local villages ... even cocktails on remote beach hideaways. 

Recent expedition trip reports

Raja Ampat 2023

My recent live aboard on Pindito exceeded my expectations. No matter the ability or age of my fellow guests (one in their 80s) each had personal attention.

– Helen A, Perth (free diver).

Banda Sea 2022

Thank you to one and all for making our trip wonderful. Many fabulous memories and we will definitely be back!

Patricia H & William G, Sydney (non-diving couple)

Snorkelling and diving without compromise

A lifetime’s knowledge of conditions and no fixed itineraries means everyone is treated to calm and spectacular diving and snorkelling in the world's epicentre of marine biodiversity. 

If you think diving or snorkelling is compromised, you'd be wrong. Pindito's owner has 14,000 dives. It's the unique way Pindito operates that makes this possible. 

Pindito is not your average dive liveaboard. Our 30 years of experience means we understand conditions better than most other operators. Our clientele tend to be either above-average in terms of experience, or looking for a mixture of diving and non-diving experiences. Many of our trips have diving / non-diving couples and a range of snorkelers from regular to occasional – even some people with little or no prior experience. 

I've been diving for years but this is the first time myself and my wife, who doesn't dive, have been able to enjoy a holiday together and see almost all the same things. Thank you. 

Steve and Cathy W, Brisbane (diver and non-diver)

If snorkelers and divers are present, separate zodiacs will head to different locations, where necessary. If there is some current, all snorkelers need to do is raise an arm, and one of our drivers will pick them up and ferry them back to the start. This way diving and non-diving partners can even enjoy the journey together.

Needless to say we absolutely enjoyed our trip on the Pindito. Could you put our name down for the return next year?

Allan and Monica S (divers), Adelaide

Our expertise means we do not compromise on either experience. Divers and snorkelers are equally well looked after. It doesn't matter because we have three zodiacs and more than enough guides and crew to accommodate. 

Where we go

Our cruises follow the good weather all over eastern Indonesia. We've recently added Fak-Fak as a new destination. This area has almost never been visited by liveaboards, so it's been pioneered by us, 30 years after we pioneered Raja Ampat. 

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The places where Pindito cruises.

What we do differently

Our trips are designed for people looking for a low-impact way to explore the islands of Indonesia and see incredible wildlife in the company of local people.  

  • Pindito is locally owned and operated, with much of the crew extended family of its Swiss-Indonesian owners. 
  • Individually air-conditioned ensuite cabins.
    Evening drinks is complimentary (except for wine).
  • These trips are designed with the chance to explore secret locations and see the best wildlife on offer.
  • While originally set up as a liveaboard, Pindito guests are often non-divers. If you do wish to dive, you can. Gear is available to hire on board. 
  • There are only 16 guests and plenty of space on board to get away from it all, or hang out with friends, old and new.  You decide what you want to do and the crew will look after you. 
  • In twelve days, your journey will use no more than about 150 litres of fuel per person. With local crew and locally-sourced food, this is a sustainable alternative to the larger cruise vessels. 
  • You will also be accommodated and looked after by the most experienced team in Indonesia and taken to secret locations that only they know best (and other ships can't get into). 
  • With an impeccable safety approach and safety record, the ship has been fully serviced and refurbished twice the pandemic. 
  • Twin stabilisers in the tropical seas north of the islands ensures your journey is incredibly stable (it is rare that anyone gets sea sick on Pindito).


Pindito runs about 19 trips a year. Most trips are 11 nights long, with longer 'biodiversity cruises' where the boat is relocated between Bali and Raja Ampat. Due to the popularity of Pindito, many trips book up well in advance. All prices are in USD. Exclusions apply. 


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