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Flinders Ranges

An ancient mountain-range hiding fossil secrets from 700 mya

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At a Glance

As you head through the pass to the Flinders Ranges plateau, you're reminded this place is as ancient as life itself. The ediacaran fauna fossils found here predate almost all complex life from a time when mountains crossed the Australian continents. Today, the remnant Elder Range and Wilpena Pound remain as beautiful remnants of a lost world, eroded over millennia.  Wilpena Pound is a gorge 11 kilometres long and eight kilometres wide, popularly viewed via scenic flights from the resort. The region offers accommodation from luxury to motel-style rooms to glamping as well as a campground and Aboriginal cultural walks and 4WD tours. There are treks, and incredible drives via towering ancient cliffs and deep craters bordering dusty red roads and everywhere, a sense of the Australian outback and its unique wildlife and culture. 

When to visit

Any time of the year is good to visit. Bushwalking is pleasant during the winter but remote areas can quickly become inundated with snow, so a guide and planning is essential. Spring and autumn are popular as weather is warmer and still quite dry and less crowded. Because of the altitude, the mountains can provide a refreshing escape from the hotter summer days.    



South Australian summers (Dec – Feb) can be hot, as they are influenced by northerly winds from the desert. Winters are influenced by Antarctic fronts and June – Aug can be particularly cool, especially in the desert. Winter is still a good time to visit, as it is quietest and the landscape is green and lush


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