6-Day Mulanje Mountain Trek

Land Tour

6 days

6-Day Mulanje Mountain Trek
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$AUD 509 per day

Departure: Southern Region, Malawi

Arrival: Mulanje, Malawi


Private / Tailor made

Head out on this Mulanje Mount trek which is locally known as ‘chilumba mu mlengalenga’, the island in the sky– the highest peak in southern central Africa at an impressive 3,002 metres above sea level.The mountain, located in the south-eastern corner of Malawi, has a fascinating ecosystem which can be seen as you trek around the hills and plateaus. With as many as 500 unique species of animals and plants found here, it comes as no surprise that the area is recognised as a biodiversity hot spot.Its highest peak, Sapitwa, can be reached without technical climbing experience, but ds involve some tough and strenuous hiking. However, the views when you get to the top are incredibly rewarding.Wildlife is limited on Mount Mulanje, but velvet monkey, rock hyrax, leaf-nosed bat and klipspringer are common. Professional porters and guides are on hand to help you get the best out of their experience.