6-Day Loire Valley and Normandy

Land Tour

6 days

6-Day Loire Valley and Normandy
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$AUD 940 per day

Departure: Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, France

Arrival: Rouen, France


Private / Tailor made

Get lost in the Medieval beauty and long history of northwestern France as you explore the castles, villages and the infamous D-Day sites. Experience the Loire Valley, where France's regal and artistic past meet. You'll spend your time bouning between the most reputed castles and Da Vinci's and Monet's favourite places to explore. Arriving in Normandy, no tour in northern France is complete without exploring the D-Day beaches. Your guide will go into great detail about the strategy behind both sides.Your France tour will finish on the beautiful Cote Fleurie and in Medieval Rouen where you'll get a taste for northern traditions in this stunning old town!