6-Day Latvia & Lithuania Tour

Land Tour

6 days

6-Day Latvia & Lithuania Tour
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$AUD 301 per day

Departure: Vilnius, Lithuania

Arrival: Riga, Latvia


Private / Tailor made

Enjoy the best on this six-day Latvia and Lithuania Tour while you create unforgettable memories! You'll visit each country's capital, Vilnius and Riga, while you marvel at the medieval architecture and history of these locales. You'll see a fairy tale castle situated on the island and an authentic and historical place, The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania. Before arriving in Riga, you'll admire the magnificent Rundale Palace, a small Bauska Castle in Latvia. To finish your adventure, you'll get familiar with Sigulda, which has become known as the ‘Switzerland of Latvia'. A quick glimpse into two Baltic countries, this six-day trip will leave you captivated by what the region has to offer!