6-Day High Atlas Trek to Berber Villages

Land Tour

6 days

6-Day High Atlas Trek to Berber Villages
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$AUD 382 per day

Departure: Marrakesh, Morocco

Arrival: Marrakesh, Morocco



Private / Tailor made

This in-depth Atlas trekking tour allows you to become totally immersed in the beauty of the High Atlas mountains while, at the same time, engaging meaningfully with Berber communities and their families along the way. Starting in lively and colourful Marrakesh, always a thrilling city to enjoy for a short time, three days are spent in the High Atlas: in, around and beyond Amizmiz. This bustling market town is far from the usual tourist circuit and thus provides opportunities to let you feel like one of the locals and, indeed, to participate in Berber family life. The hiking is easy to moderate, a mule will accompany you to carry your belongings. The pace is leisurely and this allows you much time to enjoy the scenery, nature, to stop, to look, to photograph, to let all your senses take it all in.Having three days away from it all in the High Atlas, sleeping, eating and living in Berber homes, there are also many opportunities for you to come across people, events and activities that are unscheduled but truly give you a glimpse into the everyday life of the Berbers: hardy, resourceful mountain people. Returning to Marrakesh after your time in the High Atlas allows you either simply enjoy some relaxation time in your cosy riad or go on another adventure in the ever clamorous and exciting, exotic Medina with its Djemaa el-Fna entertainment, the Souks, perhaps a visit to a traditional Apothecary.