6-Day Foodie Journey in Northern Portugal

Land Tour

6 days

6-Day Foodie Journey in Northern Portugal
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$AUD 448 per day

Departure: Porto, Portugal

Arrival: Porto, Portugal



Private / Tailor made

Heavily influenced by Mediterranean cuisine, a country built on the makings of the sea, Portugal is one of the best places to embark on a foodie journey!Based in the colourful city of Porto in northern Portugal for the duration, this six-day Porto food tour invites you to explore the surrounding cities and countryside through your taste buds. From crispy whole sardines and oysters to delicious wine and everything in between.You'll spend your first few days exploring the city of Porto with your local host before heading to Melgaço, the region home to vinho verde where you'll learn about wine production and its history while sampling plenty. A day in Angeiras and Matosinhos will enable you to try the freshest seafood and a day in Aveiro will invite you to sample oysters and other local specialities too!