6-Day Explore Kyushu

Land Tour

6 days

6-Day Explore Kyushu
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$AUD 1,277 per day

Departure: Fukuoka, Japan

Arrival: Misato, Japan




Private / Tailor made

River/Small ship/Barge


Japan's third-largest island, Kyushu is full of historic treasure, fun modern cities and areas of staggering natural beauty. Over six days, you will explore the beauty of Kyushu on a Japanese nature tour.Beginning in Fukuoka, you'll kick off the tour with a visit to the Yatai Night Market which will delight your senses. Come nightfall, Yatai will pop up all over Fukuoka with their bright lights and colourful curtains and you'll dine on a variety of speciality dishes served in each Yatai.Over the next few days, you'll visit the Nabeshima porcelain village, enjoy traditional dishes in each city and town you visit and enjoy the breathtaking view of tea farms from the mountain from an open-air hot spring. Moving in the direction of Kumamoto, you'll cruise down the canals of Yanagawa. You'll then spend your final days hiking Mount Aso, an active volcano in the centre of Kyushu; Takachiho to see the Kagura performance in the Takachiho Shrine, the seven hells hot spring in Beppu, and finally the Rakanji Temple before returning to Hakata.