5N/6D Dedicated expert-led Minke Whale Swim (max 14 guests), Ribbon Reefs, Cairns

6 days

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18-23 June 2022

Discover the beauty of the ocean’s most inquisitive creatures ... look into a whale’s eye, an encounter that moves many to tears and leaves none unchanged. This trip caters for anyone wanting a dedicated, once-in-a-lifetime minke whale snorkel. Maybe you are a photographer? Or you simply want to spend quality time in the company of awe-inspiring wildlife. 

This is a dedicated Minke Whale swim

Why this is the right trip for you

This trip is designed for people who only wish to swim with Minke Whales. 

  • This very special trip and one of the very few entirely dedicated to snorkelling with Minke Whales;
  • It is led by Vanessa Mignon, a multi-award winning photographer and conservationist who has spent a lifetime convening with underwater creatures. Vanessa will can help you with everything from your understanding of animals to photography tips; 
  • Argo is a medium-sized (27m), stable superyacht. The small group means you won't be sharing the water with lots of other people (you could, if you wished, spend hours in the water); 
  • We won't be heading off diving in the middle of a life-altering encounter. We have three full days dedicated to Minke Whale swims (plus the option for another half day on day 5);  and
  • Argo is stable enough to allow 'drift snorkels' ... this is where the vessel and swimmers are unanchored. Not all vessels are equipped for this and it offers the best chance for multiple or group encounters with whales. 

Cabin options (twin, triple)

Note, from price shown when you entered this page is for the Standard Cabin (no ensuite), triple-share

There are ONLY FOUR CABINS available:

  • Standard cabin #1 (BLUE) = without ensuite (twin / triple sharing)
  • Standard cabin #2 (BLUE) = without ensuite
  • Ensuite cabin #3 (RED) = (twin / triple sharing)
  • Ensuite cabin #4 (RED) = (twin / triple sharing)

There are four cabins in total, two with ensuite and two without. Each cabin is suitable for 2-3 adults.   

$0 deposit & COVID-forced cancellation policy

If you want to reserve a spot, you can choose to book with a $0 deposit for 10 days, while we answer your questions. We will need a 20% deposit from you to secure the booking, once you are satisfied with the full terms and conditions.  


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