5-Day Trekking in Morocco Atlas Mountains

Land Tour

5 days

5-Day Trekking in Morocco Atlas Mountains
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$AUD 385 per day

Departure: Casablanca, Morocco

Arrival: Marrakesh, Morocco



Private / Tailor made


Discover the Atlas Mountains of beautiful Morocco. Travelling across Morocco will enable you to cover a vast amount of terrain in the most enjoyable and relaxing way on this Atlas Mountains trip. Get in touch with the remote cultures of Morocco and experience the landscape in its most pure form on a trekking trip. As you start in Marrakesh, you'll experience two of Morocco's extremes as you walk through the most lively city and the more remote hillsides. This way of travelling is highly recommended to first-time travellers to Morocco and also to those who want an intimate, personal experience that is seamless from beginning to end.