5-Day Self-Drive Family Trip to Sicily's Aeolian Islands

Land Tour

5 days

5-Day Self-Drive Family Trip to Sicily's Aeolian Islands
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$AUD 227 per day

Departure: Cefalù, Italy

Arrival: Milazzo, Italy



Private / Tailor made


This 5-day self-driving Aeolian Islands itinerary starts in the lovely Cefalù, with its seaside walk, charming beaches and one of the most astounding examples of Byzantine Norman architecture, the Cathedral of Cefalù, a UNESCO World Heritage. From Cefalu, you'll make your way to the islands, starting in Lipari. The Lipari museum complex is located on the enormous rhyolitic rock of the Castello of Lipari, an imposing dome of volcanic formation with characteristics of natural defence. Join a boat trip from Lipari to Panarea and Stromboli, walk on the beach and return in the evening to watch one of the three active volcans in Italy. Explore the island of Vulcano, relax at the beach, try the mud baths and hike to the crater. Your journey will keep you and the kids entertained all hours of the day!