5-Day Last Royal Capitals of Myanmar

Land Tour

5 days

5-Day Last Royal Capitals of Myanmar
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$AUD 292 per day

Departure: Yangon, Myanmar

Arrival: Mandalay, Myanmar


Private / Tailor made

Experience the colonial splendour on this Yangon tour, one of Myanmar’s most busy and exciting cities. You'll cover all of Myanmar's historic capitals as you go to Mandalay, the last royal capital of the third Myanmar Empire. Mandalay is situated in the centre of the country, north of Yangon. Being the largest city after Yangon that is both a bustling commercial centre and a repository of ancient culture, the country's cultural capital is a showcase for Burmese art and architecture.Take in the sights of the remarkable riverside city that flourishes with culture and is renowned for its various traditional arts and crafts such as weaving, bronze casting, marble work, wood carving, gold embroidery, silversmithing, a gold leaf industry and so much more. Your trip cannot end without visiting Ava, one of the most interesting former capitals as it is completely abandoned! You'll get to explore this empty city that still has all of its structures intact, an eery yet fascinating insight into ancient Burma!