5-Day Explore Tokyo and the Surrounds

Land Tour

5 days

5-Day Explore Tokyo and the Surrounds
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$AUD 461 per day

Departure: Tokyo, Japan

Arrival: Tokyo, Japan


Private / Tailor made

Within reaching distance of Mount Fuji and all the activities that are on offer around here, using Tokyo as a base, you can see so much of what Japan has to offer. In five action-packed days, you'll see the city of Tokyo and all that surrounds it. Visit numerous tranquil temples in Kamakura, hop between the five peaceful lakes of Mount Fuji; get in touch with nature in Nikko and have one last glimpse of Mount Fuji in Hakone. While you'll be kept on your ts with a full itinerary, you'll still find time to do your own thing with this flexible itinerary.