4-Day Sri Lankan Yoga & Wellness

Land Tour

4 days

4-Day Sri Lankan Yoga & Wellness
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$AUD 372 per day

Departure: Wadduwa, Sri Lanka

Arrival: Colombo, Sri Lanka


Private / Tailor made


Give yourself over to the ultimate in restful relaxation and good health over four wonderful days as a yoga and wellness retreat in Wadduwa!Slip into a sense of spiritual wellbeing as you are whisked away to a world of complete contentment. This retreat will offer you expert advice on maintaining a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. You will be provided with a wealth of space in which to experience the age-old practices of Ayurveda and yoga, thus guaranteeing a deep connection and understanding of one’s inner being. Over the course of your Sri Lanka 4-day tour, you'll take part in a range of yoga disciplines that ensure the maintenance of correct body postures, regulation of breath, absolute concentration amidst a host of others that contribute in eradicating a range of ailments and disorders.From anti-ageing treatments, Ayurveda weight loss programmes to blood purification and ‘Panchakarma’ healing therapies, all treatments are carefully planned out and prepared to keep in mind your best interests. The resort’s expert Ayurveda physician will have a preliminary consultation with you prior to prescribing a course of treatment. While yoga exercise schedules and tailor-made dietary plans form part of the experience, these herbal treatment packages, focus primarily on alleviating any form of stress and nursing your mind, body and soul back to complete rejuvenation. By the end of a series of therapeutic healing sessions at the resort, you will be filled with positive energy.