4-Day Samurai Craft in Japan

Land Tour

4 days

4-Day Samurai Craft in Japan
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$AUD 1,918 per day

Departure: Inuyama, Japan

Arrival: Seki, Japan



Private / Tailor made

This four-day intimate Japanese tour is truly like any other. You'll start in Nagoya and head out to Inuyama, this is where your swordsmith training will begin. Over two days you'll learn the art of sword-making, it's importance in Samurai and Japanese culture, its origins and the training behind it. You'll start in a temple, where you'll learn the meditative practices that prepare the masters for their craft, then you'll hop between the workshops that create the katana sword. Your trip will finish at the beautiful Seki mountain where you will visit the temple that is dedicated to the god of the katana.