4-Day Negombo Wellness

Land Tour

4 days

4-Day Negombo Wellness
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$AUD 355 per day

Departure: Negombo, Sri Lanka

Arrival: Negombo, Sri Lanka


Private / Tailor made


This Sri Lanka four-day tour in a yoga and wellness retreat is designed around an ancient healing science that dates back millennia with an enchanting combination of tradition and modernity. Located in the fishing town of Negombo; amidst lush gardens and rustic courtyards, the atmosphere of serenity provides a sense of comforting luxury, shared with tales and whispers of historical knowledge that inspires the natural stimulation of your entire well being.The resort’s expert Ayurveda physician will have a preliminary consultation with you prior to prescribing a course of treatment over your stay at the retreat and all treatments will be carried under the physician's watchful eye.You'll partake in daily yoga sessions that not only promotes positive health but also aids in curing diseases and to improve your overall well being while ensuring the harmony of the mind, body and soul. You could also explore the bustling town of Negombo and witness the lifestyle of a typical fishing village in Sri Lanka. Try out the local cuisine from the numerous restaurants located in Negombo which will tantalize your taste buds and visit the beautiful Negombo beach filled with golden sand and friendly locals while rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.