4-Day Lemur Experience and Antananarivo City

Land Tour

4 days

4-Day Lemur Experience and Antananarivo City
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$AUD 314 per day

Departure: Antananarivo, Madagascar

Arrival: Antananarivo, Madagascar


Private / Tailor made

This has to be one of the best lemur experiences in the world! Andasibe National Park is the best place to spot the Indri, the largest living lemur, and on this four-day tour, you'll have plenty of opportunities to do so!The park is separated into two distinct areas, Speciale d’Analamazaotra to the south, and Park National de Mantidia to the north. The lush forest throughout is covered with moss and trees, with over 100 extraordinary orchid species and plenty of lakes. The colourful wildlife includes more than 100 bird species and hundreds of insects, including some amazingly huge, brightly marked butterflies. After being immersed in nature, you'll move onto the city to get a feel for the history of Madagascar with a short tour of the old town of Antananarivo, you'll discover the unique architecture and stories of the capital, formerly the capital of the Merina people.