4-Day Feel The Beat of the Volcano on Oshima Island

Land Tour

4 days

4-Day Feel The Beat of the Volcano on Oshima Island
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$AUD 851 per day

Departure: Tokyo, Japan

Arrival: Oshima, Japan


Private / Tailor made


Did you know that Tokyo is one of a few megacities in the world that has its very own active volcanos and Japan’s only desert? The Tokyo Prefecture features a total of 11 islands that stretch up to 1,000 kilometres away from Tokyo’s centre and this tour takes you to one of the islands where you can immerse yourself in a Japanese island culture!You'll begin the trip in Tokyo's Shinjuku city, exploring the famed street full of little bars and eateries. You'll then head to Oshima Island where you'll hike Mount Mihara, the mighty volcano which sits at the island's centre. Then you'll enjoy a soak in a hot spring at sunset while overlooking the mountain. You'll indulge in the island's sushi and explore Japan's only desert from the comfort of your hot spring hotel.