4-Day Escape to Athens

Land Tour

4 days

4-Day Escape to Athens
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$AUD 287 per day

Departure: Athens, Greece

Arrival: Kallithea, Greece



Private / Tailor made

A four-day tour of Athens will deliver a beautiful mix of ancient history and modern-day life. You will visit and learn about the historical sites that the city is famed for, while also getting to experience the food and modern-day culture that make Athens such an extraordinary place.Exploring the sites in this beautiful city, you'll discover the National Library, the Academy, and the University of Athens. You'll also do a guided visit to the Acropolis Museum and the Acropolis, the ancient citadel which looms above the city. Not only this you'll also explore the Roman Agora and the Tower of the Winds, as well as a walk-through tour of Panathenaic Stadium and the National Gardens. All of this will be topped off with sampling the delicious delights that the Greek cuisine has to offer with a food tour of Athens.