4-Day Cultural Mozambique

Land Tour

4 days

4-Day Cultural Mozambique
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$AUD 185 per day

Departure: Maputo, Mozambique

Arrival: Maputo, Mozambique


Private / Tailor made

Mozambique is known for its wonderful ocean life and time-warped old Portuguese cities, as well as having some of Africa's most stunning beaches. During this trip, you will discover the cultural side of Mozambique and its capital Maputo.Maputo is the vibrant, chaotic city of Mozambique, sprawling along the northern banks of the dazzling Maputo Bay. Art Deco architecture cxists with colonial-era Portuguese residences.  Although not all of them are well-kept, and there are a few holes here and there, the overall feeling is of a major metropolis. Terrific restaurants, busy nightlife, and superb hotels are all available.Just few days in Maputo, a busy, appealing African city that is more welcoming than intimidating, is a rewarding alternative for the adventurous.