3-Day Western Desert of Egypt

Land Tour

3 days

3-Day Western Desert of Egypt
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$AUD 340 per day

Departure: Bahariya Oasis, Egypt

Arrival: Bahariya Oasis, Egypt

Private / Tailor made


The Western Desert of Egypt is a huge 262,000-metre-squared area consisting of dunes, canyons, oases, mountainous plateaus and valleys that span the land west of the Nile Valley. With its uncanny rock formations, and strange vast landscape, it looks like a planet of its own! Explore this fascinating landscape as you are guided through White Desert, Black Desert and Oasis of Bahariya, and learn about the unique traditions from the Bahariya region whilst meeting the locals. This is an authentic three-day journey into the world of the desert traveller, that is sure to leave you with lifelong memories.