3-Day Northern Amazon

Land Tour

3 days

3-Day Northern Amazon
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$AUD 228 per day

Departure: Iquitos, Peru

Arrival: Iquitos, Peru


Private / Tailor made

Start your trip to jungle lodges and tribal villages of the Northern Amazon at the port city of Iquitos. This short trip to the Amazon will take you first to Monkey island, a family social enterprise focused on conserving and protecting endangered monkey species. Identify floral and bird species on a jungle hike into the Yanamono primary rainforest reserve, where with a little luck, you will be able to view families of small monkeys. As the darkness of evening comes around, take a boat ride along one of the Amazon River’s tributaries and listen to the magical sounds of the jungle. Rise early in the morning for some exciting bird watching to see the birds flocked together during their morning feeding, visit an indigenous Yaguas river village community, learn native fishing techniques and go on an enchanting night hike to see stunning tree frogs. Finish this trip with a boat ride to catch a glimpse of the Giant Water Lily, the Victoria Regia, the “queen of water lilies”.