3-Day Delphi, Ancient Olympia & Meteora

Land Tour

3 days

3-Day Delphi, Ancient Olympia & Meteora
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$AUD 632 per day

Departure: Decentralized Administration of Peloponnese, Weste, Greece

Arrival: Decentralized Administration of Thessaly and Centr, Greece


Private / Tailor made

This short 3-day Greece tour is perfect for those who want to go on a classical tour of Greece but are a little short on time. During this itinerary, you will visit some of the most important archaeological sites in Greece that hide centuries of history and culture.You will spend some time in the birthplace of the Olympic Games, Ancient Olympia and will be able to embrace the Olympic spirit! Your visit to Delphi will see you travelling back in time when Pythia delivered oracles during the classical period.Finally, you will get a chance to marvel at the incredible monasteries in Meteora, that are uniquely situated atop of huge rocks and surrounded by sweeping landscapes. This trip is not one to miss if you love history and Greek culture!