25-Day The Best of Italy

Land Tour

25 days

25-Day The Best of Italy
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$AUD 253 per day

Departure: Nago–Torbole, Italy

Arrival: Amalfi, Italy




Private / Tailor made

This is definitely one of the best adventures in Italy for people who want to discover this beautiful country and learn more about its history. During this tour, you will explore many medieval buildings that were built as far back as 1648, ancient towns and many more hidden treasures that will uncover the very best of Italy.During your stay in Italy, you will not only discover and learn about its historic past, but you will also discover its delicacies. Italy is well known for its good food - pasta, pizza, gelato and much more. Taking this 25-day trip which ventures from Lake Garda to Venice, Bologna, Florence, Volterra, Pisa, Siena, Assisi, Rome, Naples and of course, the stunning Amalfi Coast, will be a great opportunity for you to understand and explore both the tradition and cuisine to experience the best of Italy.