20-Day Vietnam Adventure Tour

Land Tour

20 days

20-Day Vietnam Adventure Tour
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$AUD 280 per day

Departure: Hanoi, Vietnam

Arrival: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam



Private / Tailor made

River/Small ship/Barge

Embark on an exciting, experiential 20-day Vietnam adventure tour from top to bottom of the country!Beginning in Hanoi, you'll first travel north for a trekking tour through Northern Vietnam's Sapa region. You'll then travel to Ninh Binh, before experiencing a cruise in Cat Ba National Park and Halong Bay. Next, you'll jet down to Central Vietnam's Hue and tour through Da Nang and the beautiful yellow, ancient town of Hoi An. To complete your trip, you'll fly to the southern capital of Saigon and explore the city and its surroundings before heading to the nature-filled Cat Tien National Park for your final few days.