2-Day Swaziland Cultural Tour

Land Tour

2 days

2-Day Swaziland Cultural Tour
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$AUD 191 per day

Departure: Ngwenya, Swaziland

Arrival: Lobamba, Swaziland



Private / Tailor made

If you are short on time, this Swaziland tour offers a fantastic collection of experiences that will leave you with an insight into Swazi life and culture as well as some beautiful memories. The tour begins by visiting the beloved Ngwenya Glass blowers before stopping at a cultural village. After lunch you will have some great shopping opportunities as you will visit the Swazi Candles Complex and the main market in Manzini. The true highlight of this tour is the overnight home-stay in which you will have the opportunity to meet and really interact with local Swazis. You will stay in a local village and will dine with your hosts. In the morning, you will be guided on a hike through the community before being transferred back to your next hotel in Manzini or onto the airport.