18-Day History and Nature from North to South

Land Tour

18 days

18-Day History and Nature from North to South
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$AUD 180 per day

Departure: Hanoi, Vietnam

Arrival: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam




Private / Tailor made


This is a private tour offering you the chance to get to the heart of life in Vietnam. Your Vietnam itinerary gs from north to south, you'll get acquainted with the long history of the country whilst falling in love with nature and the activities that Vietnam has to offer, such as like trekking, kayaking, biking and cooking. Starting in Hanoi, you'll see the iconic Halong Bay while also having the chance to go to the not so well-known Pu Luong for your first chance to immerse yourself in Vietnam raw natural habitat.Gradually, you'll make your way south, stopping off in the glorious Ninh Binh and Hue, for an in-depth history lesson before making your way to the touristic, yet still rural Hoi An, where you'll journey by boat to the remote villages that surround it. You'll eventually find yourself in Ho Chi Minh City, far from the quiet nature you have just embraced, however, the Mekong provides a completely different side to Vietnam's natural landscape. Once you've engaged in the history of the South, you'll discover what life along the mighty Mekong river is like!This tour allows you to learn about Vietnam while embracing the natural landscape that it is so famous for - over 18 days, you'll be able to embrace all aspects of Vietnam in an itinerary from north to south.