18-Day Best of Spain - Art & Architecture

Land Tour

18 days

18-Day Best of Spain - Art & Architecture
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$AUD 1,049 per day

Departure: Madrid, Spain

Arrival: Barcelona, Spain



Private / Tailor made

With this trip, you'll have 18 days to experience the very best Spain tour on offer!You'll get acquainted with the cosmopolitan city and the vibrant atmosphere of Madrid and discover the main sites of the UNESCO-listed city of Cordoba, where the mosque-cathedral exquisite is an absolute must-visit destination on your journey. Whilst in Granada, you will admire the magnificent Moorish architecture of the Alhambra Palace and the beautiful Generalife gardens. When you reach Seville, the true home of tapas, you'll experience the mysteries, the emotion and the power of true flamenco before heading to the final destination, Barcelona. Gaudi, one of the greatest innovators of his time, has left behind numerous treasures in Barcelona for the discerning traveller to discover.