15-Day Sicily Discovery

Land Tour

15 days

15-Day Sicily Discovery
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$AUD 555 per day

Departure: Palermo, Italy

Arrival: Palermo, Italy




Private / Tailor made

Sicily is a history lesson on a plate. And the best way to understand the island’s colourful history is to immerse yourself in its cuisine. Sicily is fascinating, delicious and paradoxical. It has been influenced beautifully by the parade of Phnicians, Greeks, Normans, Moors, Romans and Spanish who have left their mark in temples, cathedrals and palaces but also in language, customs and above all, food.On this trip, you’ll enjoy a wine pairing lunch in a beautiful farmhouse, sample street food, walk in vineyards and olive groves and dine in some of the island’s most authentic restaurants. All of these gastronomic experiences are shared with explorations of the finest archaeological sites on the island in the company of expert guides.