15-Day Off-the-Beaten-Track Mexico

Land Tour

15 days

15-Day Off-the-Beaten-Track Mexico
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$AUD 448 per day

Departure: Oaxaca, Mexico

Arrival: Chiquilá, Mexico


Private / Tailor made

On this 2 week Mexico itinerary, you're invited you to explore southern Mexico in depth by discovering its wilderness and local populations. This loop through Oaxaca State, Chiapas and the Yucatan Peninsula will give you a complete view of the impressive history of Mexico. You'll visit internationally-recognised sites such as Chichen Itza and Uxmal, must-see landmarks in southern Mexico. But, it is undoubtedly in the heart of the jungle that Mexico will reveal its most beautiful surprises. Delve into the incredible landscapes of Oaxaca, explore small, colourful towns and meet the local craftsmen who live there. The lush forest on the Guatemalan border offers exciting encounters with howler monkeys, toucans and if you're lucky, jaguars! The visit to the Yaxchilan site - only accessible by boat - is imbued with a "first adventurers" atmosphere. This is an off-the-beaten-track trip that will end with a few days of sun and relaxation on the Caribbean Coast.