15-Day Milan, Alba, Five Lands, Perugia & Amalfi Coast

Land Tour

15 days

15-Day Milan, Alba, Five Lands, Perugia & Amalfi Coast
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$AUD 660 per day

Departure: Piedmont, Italy

Arrival: Fiumicino, Italy




Private / Tailor made


Italy awaits! This 2-week tour of Italy starts in Milan with cheese, wine and truffle tasting before taking you on a ferry to the Five Lands, also known as the “Cinque Terre”, an area suspended between sea and land, hanging from sheer cliffs surrounded by hills and vineyards. Spend your days here touring the amazing postcard-perfect coast fringed with beaches, beautiful reefs and crystal clear waters.Discover the churches of Assisi, Etruscian ruins at Orvieto and Palazzos at Cortona and stop in Pompeii to learn the history of this important city destroyed and buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in the morning of the August 24th 79 AD. Enjoy the 7-kilometre Gods' Pathway, hiking the spectacular scenery from Agerola to Nocelle with magnificent views of the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri. Finally, finish this tour in Ischia at the Poseidon Gardens, the largest thermal complex on the island with access to several terraces, all immersed in a luxuriant nature typical of the Mediterranean scrub with streams of thermal water cross the path.