15-Day Italian Lakes & Mountains

Land Tour

15 days

15-Day Italian Lakes & Mountains
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$AUD 524 per day

Departure: Bolzano, Italy

Arrival: Venice, Italy




Private / Tailor made

Over 15 incredible days, you'll journey through Northern Italy to discover the iconic regions that make this one of the most beautiful countries on earth.You'll begin in the stunning Dolomites region where your days will be filled with unique hiking experiences, wine tastings and spectacular train journeys. Then, you'll move onto the lake region of the north and spend a number of days hiking and cycling the various trails that are laced through the Lake Como and Lake Garda regions. You'll complete your Italian lakes tour in Venice, the ultimate city to relax in and reflect on the first 12 days of your trip which were filled with adventure. In Venice, you'll explore the lagoon by boat, dine in hidden bacaros (local restaurants) and dive into the artistic world of this city. You'll complete this 15-day trip with a unique understanding of what makes Italy such a beautifully-diverse country!