14-Day Women and Culture in Peru

Land Tour

14 days

14-Day Women and Culture in Peru
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$AUD 466 per day

Departure: Lima, Peru

Arrival: Cusco, Peru




Private / Tailor made

The Kingdom of the Sun is a land of antique cultures where the traditional way of living for indigenous people has survived until today. With its various aspects of landscape and nature, Peru invites visitors to explore the coast, the highland and the rainforest. Besides Machu Picchu and the impressive ruins around Cusco, Peru has much more cultural highlights to offer. There are the famous Nasca Lines, Lake Titicaca, the Colca Canyon and of course the interesting North of the country with its beautiful nature and rich archaeology. This 2 week Peru itinerary takes you beyond Cusco to get in touch with the people and cultures of this beautiful country including getting to know the history of women and projects that are in place to support and uplift them.